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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dog and Pony

I have never been a hoopla guy, never over excited by pomp and circumstance but I can see how easy it is to get wrapped up in the show.  I love the show when I can see the greater story going on behind the show but without it, my ADHD will soon move me on to something else.  

Take for instance the experience of the ballparks of Major League Baseball.  I get lost in the ballpark magical smells of fresh hot-dogs, fresh cut grass, baseball glove leather, crackerjacks, and  sweat that come together nicely.  I wish they sold that in candle form.  I am overwhelmed with cheering with every pitch for my Rangers with the thousands in attendance.  I sing loudly in the 7th inning stretch Take Me Out to The Ballgame with joy in my heart.  The fireworks on a summer night make me feel at home.  I know the player's bios and stats like we are old childhood pals.  I love the show but its only because I value the baseball story at hand.

I hate the Presidential debates because it just screams of All show!  Who really watches these things to have their deep convictions shaped or become more informed based on who can zing the other guy the best?  I hate that they tempt me to watch but quickly I become worn out by watching two grown men act so childish with such important issues at hand.  Don't believe me its all an act?  Just watch how these candidate's families come on the stage and offer such love to each other.  Pretty strange for families that supposedly are so different.  Its a show for a job title, and most of us see right through it.

The question I ask is, does God get turned off by my antics or does he see them as just a part of a greater story?  Do other people find themselves invested in me or is my life just a distasteful hoopla that people see through?  The last question does not trouble me if the first question is answered a certain way.  The trouble is for a guy that hates the hoopla so much, I sure do give a lot of it. 

I pray that my family, church, community, and others see me as a genuine guy who is telling the authentic story of Jesus through life.  I pray that the aroma I provide for those around me helps add to a great experience.

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