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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Starting Over

Not again!

The thought in my brain enters as I pick up this blog again.  I lost focus, not a new occurrence in my life.  The truth is this blog is all about the vulnerability of this child of God who keeps squirming in God's arms.  30 years old and antsy by my broken nature but I have witnessed God use this for good.

The Spirit has shown me the follower Peter to be a kindred brother to me.  We talk to much, make bold statements of faith with risky actions ALOT and get humbled when our faith does not match our mouths.  We feel uneasy in the current state of life because we long for something better when what we are looking for is right under our noses.  We are faithful and unreliable.  We are fierce and cowardice.  We are gracious and judgmental.  We are squirmy kids of a God who will not give up on us.

We pray he takes our thorn in the flesh but he knows better.  He knows that if taken away, we may not do the bold things he wants done for the kingdom.  It sounds harsh to others but Daddy knows us so well.  Visionary nomads who stumble through their faith but are never afraid to take the journey.  It burns in us.  There are moments when our passion makes us look courageous as a lion and others like Barney Fife who conveniently lost his bullet.

The gospel is that God's ability to make all things new does not depend on who we are (Rev 21:5).

If this is who I am, maybe I should learn from myself.  That is what I intend on doing.  To look at the life of Peter in the scope of God's life in him through The Christ and see what Christ is saying to me.

Like Peter, I will stumble through this but may our miscues be a light unto a greater story for the Kingdom of God!  May God bless your days through seeing God work through two fools for HIM.

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